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superman ni que nada...

- wherever there be a lady in distress -

just for you.

love you Luci

cuando, quien ,como?  

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I hadn't realized just how infrequent my posting has been; diversions can become hazy when a new focus is found.

Read an interesting piece today on "The American vs The European Way". Muy interesante. All paths lead to Rome I tell you.

Looking forward to seeing all the happy people in MTY this weekend and will have some pictures to post; which reminds me I have come to the conclusion that I love photos too much and must get a camera.

Don't think I will ever go for the amateur photographer thing though; I think apart from perhaps interpretive dance, I lack any and all other forms of art skill. Heh. Just point and shoot will do.

Had a song dedicated to me on the radio last night! (Snow Patrol Run) One day she is my student and next time I see her she is a Radio DJ, yes, I felt special.