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I found myself wanting to say something yet struggling with the words to express it.

You see, four days from now is the day that my dearest friend Emily will once again begin a new chapter in her life and as odd as it may sound,( I really don’t care what others think)I believe I share her excitement.

I wanted to say something adequate but in the end, after extensive pondering and too many hits on the backspace, I came to the conclusion that being as articulately expressive and brashly honest as she is (it’s one of the many things about her that make her so lovable), she's already said it all. There's nothing else to say.

So in her own words…

“Thank you for your love, thank you for your friendship, for being there for me, for supporting me in prayer - for everything. If our friendship ends here then I want you to know that I don't look at what we had as a waste of time or something I regret…

Nothing the heart gives away is lost; it is kept in the hearts of others. And you'll always have a special place in my heart…

I do wish you the best in love and life and if I never hear from you again... thank you, for everything…

I will always hold you in high esteem in my heart, for you have your own special place there.”


So here goes to those of you who have that feeling when you first wake up in the morning and stretch, that passion for life. The ones whose fantasies are somehow real and don’t settle for a dream, those that choose to allow those fantasies become a reality.

No one wants to have a half lived life.

Remember that, when things are not enough… I’ll be right here behind you.

May the good times begin!

Sigues en mi.

Happy Birthday Angel!  

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I love you little man!

8 years! !WOW!

I pray that this coming year will be one that you learn so many more new things. I know that you will teach us so much more. Thank you for still being here, for sticking it out and bringing to us your love and through it hope and faith into our lives.

There is something about you... with just looking at you, I realize that there is purpose... and it makes me refuse to give in.

You are giving the best of you, I will make you proud!

Good times  


Had lunch a few weeks ago with these wonderful people. Barbacoa, tequila and lot's of Corona.

I am of the opinion that motherhood only enhances a woman's beauty, look at Joy.

Thanks guys! Will be seeing more of you.

5 minutes  


Time is irrelevant to me most of the time, today though... I found myself wanting to warp back and relive 5 minutes.

I can't believe how self absorbed I've allowed myeslf to be in times past, unbelievable.

The good thing is that I will never again turn down 5.

All of you anti-cuddlers, shame on you as well.

I've been helping some folks move into new place this last week.... only thing is after living somewhere for 10 years it's incredible how much junk accumulates! UN-B-LEAVE-UBHL... just wait till Kenji writes up about out stealthy trash runs... I lack the energy at the moment. I have however taken pics this last week which I will post soon! Horray for boo... well pictures... heh.