love my life  

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Love my life...

These guys make it worth it all.

Feb 2nd. Here we come.

thank you  

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There have been many times when I have been selfish, faithless and yes --- irresponsible.

It has been a long term in the school of hard knocks; I find myself sometimes repeating the same mistakes, wondering how much it will take for me to understand. It is in these moments that I realize just how blessed I am to have shared every one of those experiences with those who possessed enough understanding and selflessness to have loved and cared for me to the point of their own hurt - who through their silent strength, resolve, faith, compassion and forgiveness have helped me to learn.

The strength to forgive is one which I will forever admire.

You have touched my life in a very special way and if ever you should need someone to be there for you:

I will be here.


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never ever again...

yet a little while  

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- a soon coming end to the winter of wonderland, for in more ways than one has Narnia been my abode.

- a haze at first, I now see that with time the colors of the sky are once again bleeding into each other - somewhere in the stillness I sense the inaudible voice of light whisper:

- yet a little while -

no longer broken, for the fragments that once were have been smashed to smithereens - no longer splinters of the frame that held my illusions, for they too have risen in flames - the fire of acceptance.

- and all these which I feared to be remnants and shadows forever to haunt have instead returned from whence they came and do now exist as invisible entities whose pulsating presence breathe life to this ever changing heart.

- though once I waited, there is no longer reason to prolong or delay, for all this is indeed nothing more than the beginning of that which is to be.

- that which is now, that which has been, and that which I will choose.

- Can love and time coexist or are they destined to be forever at odds?

- Is love not subject to time or is time which is indifferent to love?

- no matter -

- I say one cannot have one without the other, more so, that the acceptance of the limitations which time does represent in this mortal realm and the realization that these be but for a season, is once again nothing more than the first step to beginning a journey of discovery.

- love in this life.

- to seek out or let myself be found by that which is destined to live on forever, is a journey I intend not to miss.

- elude? what for? -

- I shall enjoy every step of the way.

kodak moments  

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I finally got my hands on a scanner.

This could be either good or bad, but nonetheless fun… and will no doubt be highly entertaining - all of those 10 year old pictures are coming up.

Found myself going through the letters, cards and photographs of times past. It reminded me of a good many things - they say a good deal of a mans worth can be valued by the friendships he either holds or has made. Whether those friendships are of a sincere, valuable and caring nature is a completely different story and obviously quite subjective.

I guess for me, it has always been easy to form friendships but very difficult to need people back - I wonder if thats weird.

Regardless - welcome to the scanning era of my blog: to kick it off I will now present you with a picture that goes back a bit beyond 10 years - guess who the little squinty kid at the bottom is.

Yours truly.

it so happens that ...  

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... and that is all I have to say about that.

last couple of days  


She is here.
You beautiful you, little sister. Faithful puzzle buddy; charming, smart, no no-nonsense, self acclaimed clumsy individual... I couldn't have asked for a better family and Angie you are no exception to the fantastic bunch, gonna miss you little one.

I wasn't here for the Christmas meal as I had to make a lightning trip to the border and back, but they saved me tamales... so much love.

Whenever these two get together they bring out a side in each other that is rarely seen, lovng it... they have me smiling all day.

And this last picture. What can I say other then I blame them and their antics for this silly grin and that is what a really happy face looks like on me. :)

Feliz Navidad  

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Ok, so Christmas has come and gone and I am a week late in posting pics, nontheless I had a good time with friends and fam so up they go anyway. My sister Ang is in town for a visit and I have been having a splendid time these last couple of days, 18 now... wow, they grow up so fast.
Un abrazo a todos.

como asi  

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Now THIS is how you usher in a New Year...
Happy 2006 to all of you dear friends!