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BBQ (faces and looks)  

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It had been a while since we took a pause and enjoyed a sunny afternoon. We miss the rest of our team... so this is what we have to do to keep our spirits raised. Heh. Come home soon guys...

Now to begin, here is the "super-star" (too much Victoria) look.

Tiffany's "Eeeew!" face... (girls).

Right; there is an explanation for this face I assure you. I blame his school videos... it's called "The HIPPO".

The proud cheffs...

Justin and Linda... que tierno.

that would be Jo, and her trademark tounge.

Watch out for Kenji... that guy... sneaking in hugs. A true Luna.

Sam looking very... Sammish. Not sure if that is "chrome" or "blue steel".

not sure what look that is either... but the beer looked good...

Once again, come home soon guys.



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