Adair fam reunion pt. 1  


We made it to Sydney and I am very much enjoying spending some time with the Adair family relies. The weather here is relatively cool compared to Adelaide and I have finally met Jessica! She is lovely person. It's been good to see April as well, and she brought tamarindo and Tequila... so much love! Wishing Justin were here but we'll be sure to have a few drinks in his honor. We arrived day before yesterday and are heading out to Bulli ( a small beach town) for a few days looking forward to the rest of the week and I will try to take as many pics as I can.

Spent the afternoon at the pool yesterday and snapped a few shots... seeing family together is making me think a lot about mine in Mex... there will definitely be a major reunion when we return. The little guy likes being in the water and his grandma got him the cutest beach hat... he looks like a little french legionnaire or something, must get one myself. Everyone wants to hold the little man and thankfully he has been a very happy boy. I wish I were as photogenic as Amber and Dakota they are so good looking.

Will keep you posted.