Según mis latidos...  

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May 2007

... no me queda mucho tiempo a mi favor.

Te extraño.

made it to Torreon  

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It's been ten days of changing gears; catching up on sleep, getting back in touch with old friends, making new ones, rediscovering the city and enjoying all the simple joys of life that little miracles bring when you are in the pioneer stage.

I am beginning to at last get my mail ministry somewhat organized and since Telmex finally got with the program and offered packages that include unlimited national and local calls, I am calling friends near and far. So, if you are a friend in Mexico... send me your number. :)

I leave you with some photos of the last few days and will be back soon with more...

Fred who??  

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This one is just for you Ez...Cual Fred Astaire ni que nada!?

Mario Moreno "Cantinflas"... in his finest form! Este si es talento inigualable!

"El Bolero de Raquel"

"El Bombero Atomico"

el tiempo pasa...  

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days go by... -DV-

remember ...  


...that is what is going thru my mind.

it's been a very long time since I've sat down with the intent of putting my thoughts into words perhaps because I've been thinking of calling it a night on this count... of letting this story come to a close. It's incredible how quickly life carries on. So much has happened since I last posted, but in a nutshell... its been a very long few months... I'll go head and extend that to a very long year. :)

Something of note however is that as of tomorrow morning I am parting ways with a wonderful team; a group of individuals who have made the last 2 years of my life an unforgettable experience... I will miss them dearly.

It's time to keep moving forward.

Although I am not exactly sure where this forward motion is carrying me... I know that it will bring new challenges, new experiences and new friends.... I know you're out there guys... I will find you soon.

Too much to say, in such few words. Un abrazo al CTC and to the ones that matter... remember the good times.

pensamientos para el dia de hoy  


"Triste época la nuestra. Es mas fácil desintegrar un átomo que superar un prejuicio."

"Todos somos muy ignorantes. Lo que ocurre es que no todos ignoramos las mismas cosas."

"Dos cosas son infinitas: el universo y la estupidez humana; y yo no estoy seguro sobre el universo."
Albert Einstein

"La pasión en decadencia, la emoción en banca rota; sufrirá la descendencia, las infamias de tu boca." Ricardo Arjona

the Nemo  

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BBQ (faces and looks)  

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It had been a while since we took a pause and enjoyed a sunny afternoon. We miss the rest of our team... so this is what we have to do to keep our spirits raised. Heh. Come home soon guys...

Now to begin, here is the "super-star" (too much Victoria) look.

Tiffany's "Eeeew!" face... (girls).

Right; there is an explanation for this face I assure you. I blame his school videos... it's called "The HIPPO".

The proud cheffs...

Justin and Linda... que tierno.

that would be Jo, and her trademark tounge.

Watch out for Kenji... that guy... sneaking in hugs. A true Luna.

Sam looking very... Sammish. Not sure if that is "chrome" or "blue steel".

not sure what look that is either... but the beer looked good...

Once again, come home soon guys.



words unspoken, but not unheard.

una historia  


I have a story to tell.


Thanks to the support of the fantastic people in my Home I was able to get away for 5 days (I flew on a plane for the first time) and experience a trip of just living the moment.

It was my first time to the beach town of “La Mision”

and I have to say I quite liked the feel of it; on week days there were mostly just surfers out there and since there were empty beaches I enjoyed long walks,




and naps.

Of course, the fabulous thing about taking lazy days is that when you have someone to share them with nothing is every really dull… to the contrary, there is hardly a dull moment. I was a very happy boy…

thank you Amber for making it so memorable! (she’s incredible... and gorgeous)

There are times when you come in contact with thosewhose hunger for life is so strong that it becomes contagious… guess we’ll see if I can keep up.

Enough said.

"Seamos realistas y hagamos lo imposible."  


I have for some time thought of myself as a realist, not so much in the sense that I am overly concerned for fact or reality and/or reject the impractical and visionary, but simply because I like to think that at least sometimes I have my feet halfway on the ground and think with a level head (I may be wrong on this one though, you tell me). However, itt seems that my notion of realism has been completely wrong.

I looked the term realist up in the dictionary and the definition of realism makes reference to the doctrine that universals exist outside the mind; specifically : the conception that an abstract term names an independent and unitary reality: or the theory that objects of sense perception or cognition exist independently of the mind -- and that can then lead to the issue of nominalism which is a whole different story.

Now, I of course wasn't relating what I was saying to any of this when I voiced to someone the other day that "I am a realist" in an attempt to express how based on past experience I didn't share her belief that a certain event would occur. But when I said it, she shot back with a thing or two that made me think about what I was really saying and it was very shortly thereafter that the title of this post (a Che Guevara quote) popped into my head...

So for what it's worth... you are right.

-If its difficult it may take a little while...if its impossible than it may take a little longer.


dice que...  

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"Opportunities pass us by while we sit regretting the chances we have lost, & the happiness that comes to us we heed not because of the happiness that is gone."

"Tis time this heart should be unmoved, since others it hath ceased to move, yet though I cannot be loved, still let me love."

...and thus I rest my case. Me encanta su manera de pensar... y sentir.

mariachi y baile  

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I've been in Cuernavaca for a few days, visiting amigos and such. A friend brought mariachi over for Nai's birthday celebration and we ended up singing till about 4 am, didn't think I knew that many rancheras.

I also got to see some good friends; Paz, Joy and Cel... hey; I even made a new one! He came all the way from Lithuania and I think he was rather pleased with the cultural experience.

So the velada turned out to be a lot of fun and I even danced a little when I could no longer sing, well I never could sing to begin with, but you know what I mean.

And for the record; I can't remember the last time I was this happy to get a one liner. :)


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I had a really good time yesterday, hadn't gotten away for a while.

I couldn't help but think of what life and civilization must have been like back when it was a prosperous city; when life was still conducted at a pace where one would take the time to actually appreciate the beauty allaround us.

I am sitting atop the "Pyramid of the Sun" in the first two pictures, facing the Pyramid of the Moon.

Amber and I halfway up the Moon Pyramid, behind us lies the "Avenue of the Dead" and the large pyramid on the left is the "Pyramid of the Sun".

I have to thank her really for making me take her out there, as I would have probably never have gone of my own accord. Gracias Amber.

Y tu, que piensas?  

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need to express  

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myself, even if it is for no reason other than to keep the youthful side in me alive. I go through phases where I fall in and out of love with dance, but in the end it always pulls me back. I just can't think of a better way to silently express or transmit an emotion. Penned words may move the mind, but the thoughts of the heart can more often than not be expressed through freedom of the spirit. Let the music move your body.

te cuesta algo  

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Everything that is worth anything costs something.


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It's been over a month, I know; but I just had to show you a pic of the two gorgeous women I get to work with. Be envious. Work has never been such a pleasure. :)

soft spot  

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I tell you, when I read this so many things fell into place in my mind; there is nothing like distinctly seeing the truth in a matter. While talking to a friend this evening about life and it's occurrences, I realized just how much I am learning to love my soft spots.

Let Me leave a soft spot:
You naturally think that a complete victory would mean you feel nothing for them and that you have no reaction at all to anything having to do with them. Yet in reality, that may not be the most desirable form of victory. A longer-lasting victory may be one of overcoming and rising above the intense pain and struggle, and yet in the end retaining a "soft spot" of feelings that come up from time to time as a reminder of what you have been through and a reminder of your own weakness.

...The prayer of your heart should be that I will work however I see fit; that I will keep you soft, keep you connected, through whatever means I see fit.

—ML#3611, Jesus is Enough


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Thank You for doing it; thank You for always answering.

I'm back  

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Oh boy, it's been over a month; time is simply flying, I had a very happy, very eventful close of a last year, and a very busy start of a new one; and it seems like the new year always ushers in a rush of rambling thoughts. However, I think I will simply post some backed up pictures for now...those shallow thoughts of mine can wait for later. :)

Hope you are all having a fantastic time!

Un abrazo.