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Once upon a time...  


Tomorrow is Charlock's Birthday.

Now folks, even though we haven't seen each other for years, I can say that there was a time when she was my bestest friend. She seemed to be the only one who never judged and always tried to understand when I would do really stupid stuff.

She would write me faithfully, (all the way from Canada and other far away places, these were pre-email days mind you!) and her letters and cards always seemed to arrive at a point in time when I needed to know that someone cared and felt just as lost and lonely. And then this guy came along... stole her heart... and whisked her away!


Well if it had to be someone, I'm glad it was him. Love ya compadre!

Reminds me of a good story. Once these two special people had met and she had departed , he became heartsick and decided to drown his sorrows. I, being the great guy that I am, could not in my right mind allow him to do this alone. So together we downed a cheap tequila bottle in about 15 minutes (Don't try that at home)then ran through some cactus fields. We were having a great time and things looked fantastic from atop that water tower until someone got us down and ended all the fun. The next day is a different story altogether as I wasn't able to even smell Tequila for a good 6 months but those were good times. The things love can do to you.

Sadly I have most of my things packed and in another city or I would delight you with some pictures of 7 years ago, when we were all young careless and single.

Rest assured, they will be posted, sooner or later.


All that to say...


I love you! You are a wonderful lady and an amazing person.

Have a wonderful day and party your heart out! (Easy on the tequila)

Nunca cambies.

Un abrazo!



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Please pray for this little man  


He is an Angel.

He arrived in this world and became a part of our family at a time when we most needed it, he brought to life the gift of life and has taught us the true meaning of love, care and trust.

The left side of his heart is growing and the patch that was placed during his open heart surgery a couple of years ago is not doing well. It seems he had a heart attack a few days ago, since his speech is limited he just curled up and cried. My mother being the strong woman she is, is doing well through this but for all of you out there who believe in prayer, it would be much appreciated. I would also like to thank Jim and Liza for the help and support they have been through this time. You guys are the best.

Love the ones you've got people, and leave nothing unsaid for tomorrow.

My thought for the day.

Un abrazo a todos.

Their soccer team had lost.

Oh well.

Had to give them an encouraging hug you know.

El rstaurant was packed with people rooting for their team. I ALMOST felt bad Mexico won. But then being the happy go lucky people they are it only took them about 30 minutes to start partying again. ;)

Viva brazilian mujeres!

Here's to independence and numbing stings...  


Today I stumbled on the thought that one of the many subconscious contradictions about me is that of falling in love with women who are independent.

It’s true.

Since I was a sweet undefiled innocent child, (I still am) it has been that fascination for the flame of a kindred free spirit that attracts me yet in the end also determines my fate. Well, at least I get to die happy! :)

I feel like a bug that is drawn to those electrifying light tubes only to be jolted and electrified on to the next life.

“Oh death!! Where is thy sting??”


Speaking of stings, it amazing what you can come up with when you are trying to numb something, to ease the sting… funny things do happen.



Somehow that title ALMOST sounded wrong. Be not alarmed however, sometimes things are not what they seem… 

While at the park with the children yesterday we came across some boy/girl scouts going about their scouty things and amongst them was an older group who were doing Greco wrestling in a mud pit... looked like fun. I couldn’t help but think how awesome it would have been if they would’ve let the girls join in on the fun... I always did like short platted skirts… happy thoughts.
But the story doesn’t end there, while lost in that daydream a group of girls approached me exclaiming in enthusiastic tones that they needed my help!?

Turns out they were young people from a local Baptist church passing out tracts and having a rally. Basically they were having a race to se who could get the most things done on their “dare” list within the allotted time. They would get more points for some things than others and apparently to get back in the running they had to knock off a couple of biggies. “So what can I do you for” I asked “…“Will you let us shave of your beard?” ... they answered with a hopeful look in their eyes and their biggest plastered smile beaming. I was moved by their enthusiasm and admired their spunkiness…

I complied; let them shave it off there and then on the park bench.

Poor children were wondering what the heck was going on.

So it is back to baby butt smooth for me and I think I knocked like 5 years of my face. I don’t like it, but oh well, it will grow back.

Told you it was harmless.



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Here is the crazy crew minutes before the break down that marked the beginning of Kenji�s and my odyssey� we got 118 collective mosquito bites that first night .
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Oh look! There I am! In the back! With my pants!

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Me, sans hiked pants, check out my �SUGAR DADDY� PJ�s� totally rufus.
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Mike Paone, giving the girls a run for their money
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More Photos  


If any of you happened to read Kenji’s post on the hollow blah about the evening activity in which we hiked our PJ’s to our titties and got jiggy with it on the dance floor… here is the evidence…

more photos on the way.

Yes we are insane.

And no, we don’t care if anyone else thinks we are uncool.

Besides, we needed an ice breaker for all the poor little reserved shy people sitting on the sidelines, figured if we got up there and made complete idiots out of ourselves they’d figure they couldn’t possibly look any more ridiculous than us.

Once again the master plan worked and everyone in the room got vivid images of tighty whities and some loco dancing.



Phil and I. Happy campers!
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Fuzzy Soccer Pics...  


Well here are a couple of pics from that game I promised to post.

Bad thing was they were checking the cameras and confiscating all batteries at the entrance to the stadium, (they can be used as projectiles) I had just finished changing the batteries and had the old ones in my pocket, fortunately they didn’t find those but sadly it seems that they only had enough powerto catch the first five minutes of the game worth of pictures!

All my girl pics are gone!


What a week  


So I left last Friday to attend some meetings and after a good drive there, a really good couple a days and mucho pero mucho jumping, dancing and volleyball... it came time to head back. Sunday afternoon finds us heading out of the CTC with a new team member, Mr. Yamaguchi (aka: "musculitos" "Tarzan" and the likes) joining us on our return voyage. The trip turned out to be quite the experience, you should check out his take on it ,in the end though the whole experience was just another day with El team. I have spent the last couple of days hunting for transmison pieces, staying up till 1am assembling bunkbeds for newcomers and house hunting, makes for a very tired Mig. Yesterday morning I headed out for LA BARCA to deliver the parts needed for repairing the transmision and ended up having to spend the night there, the owner of the shop though, a great guy, decided to take me out for some good Birria breakfast this morning and then dropped me off in TANHUATO. That is the place where our vehicle decided to die. I am waiting for them to finish putting eevrything back in so I can hopefully head back to my casita. All to say that this week has been exhausting and when I get back this evening I get to take the "Libres y Locos" CANO tribe for a day so their parents can get their much neded sleep and rest. I hope you are all equally as busy and loving life. Isn´t it wonderful? I love it. Un abrazo a los que no se rajan and un beso a las chavas guapas.

I'm sorry  


When you run out of words and all that your left with are questions; when you seek answers to them but find only sadness, when you have to let go but don't know how you will figure out if you really ever have... when all you need is a hug, somene to tell you that you have a beautiful smile and that you are not dumb... Remember that I feel the same and that I'm still here.

I love you hun.

Arriba las Chivas!!!  


Well I've just returned from the Chivas vs. Boca Juniors game (Octavos de Final, partido de ida) a couple of minutes ago... Boca was spanked!!! 4-0!!! I know that means litlle or hardly anything to most of you. But those of you who know what I am talking about, it was a rush! I have video clips and photos, but being that I must be up at 6am tomorrow to drive our happy young folks over to some meetings (7 hours of driving) they will have to wait till my return. Unlees you have been in a jam packed soccer stadium on a pleasant breezy night where the home team just happened to spank the South American champion soccer team, then you have most likey not screamed till you lost your voice and joined over 50 thousand people jumping up and down, taking off their clothes, and dancing all at the same time so much so that you felt the edifice shake to its foundations... so if you haven't... then you have no idea what I'm talking about. Unforgettable. The women in Guadalajara are so fine too! And since our good friend Carlos hooked us up with some tickets... it won't be the last time we'll be doing that! Yeay!

River Plate may be next... won't that be a treat... I'll be sending Tommy and Carlos de la Concepcion some photos of that one! Muuuahaha!!

I am wiped, need sleep, peace, out.

We have a house  


Wrapping up the details today but we have a house. It has a pool :) and a mini forest. Living conditions may be a little tight but I am sure we we’ll all be happy. Tomorrow I leave for DF and hope to meet up with the long lost yet not wayward part of our team. Will be returning to moving furniture lot’s of painting and general fixing up, but I am actually looking forward to it. I have decided to grow my hair out for now and realized it has been too long since I have posted a picture. Will do pronto.