thank you  

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Thank you!


I just saw!

Nevermind the other scary pic, I am very touched; and as unworhty as I feel of those words they have made me feel very loved.

No man is an island and you also have touched my life in many ways, for the better, none of this mujer mala sutff!



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Happy Birthday!

Through difficulties and hardships, through highs and lows, through breakings and re-makings - 25 years has only made you a better person. You have changed many lives, made more of a difference then you know, and touched hearts in places few every could.

I wish you the best for this next year - love, happiness, contentment, satisfaction, peace and all that you desire. You have given so much to Him - I know you deserve way more.

Happy Birthday and may you have a long life, full of wine, merriment and women! :)

(25 is ooooold!) :P

2 MILFS and a nephew  

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Today marks a very special occasion. It is that time a year when the good Pisces people celebrate those dates in which God deemed the earth worthy to bestow upon it such wonderful creations as ourselves.

Happy Birthday guys!

My favorite (only) nephew Christian turns 8 today! And as if that were not enough, two of them most likeable women I've had the pleasure of knowing make this day a festivity as well.

Paula and Gia – what can I say other than:


I rest my case

You can always count on a Pisces woman to without remorse tell you what she thinks; whole truth, take it or leave it.

Pisces women.

They have that unique quality of in a non strictly metaphorical way, bringing fun to the party and making the after party even better (and that without the need of alcohol) always a plus in my books. However, dont ever let them think too much about something, sometimes they will not know when to stop. If with a single look they can make you laugh or cry, I wont even tell you that their words can do, but if ever you are up to the experience, it is a ride you dont want to miss.

Love you girls!

Leon, Guanajuato  

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It had been quite some time (several years) since I had done the singing thing.

Here you can see our in house divas (whose contracts specified the need for the following yet was not limited to: a constant supply of bottled Evian water for in between sets, cappuchinos delieverd to their bed every morning, diet cokes with every meal and a case of Corona's between gigs) in all their radiance- heh.

Kidding, they were real troopers and single handedly managed to make the trip very enjoyable. Coudn't have done it without you girls --- yup, ur the best. :)

It was a lot of fun.

Thinking of Morelia next. Camineros, here we come.

one down, two to go  

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I realized I never posted pics of my ice-skaitng episode... nothign too exciting, but I didn't fall once! Which is more than I can say for my partner. :)

Just have the rollerblades and bareback riding to conquer now... wish me luck.

Happy Birthday Boo!!  

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Wishing you peace of mind and sincere love.