Lollie cookies!  


So Amber made these cookies as a parting present from Dakota to the kids at his daycare. The thing is these cookies are REALLY good... she better hide them or those kiddies won't be seeing any tomorrow.

going with the flow  


In 3 days time we will embark on our move to Sydney. Hasta la proxima Adelaide, we’ve had a good run.

Thinking back on the time passed since arriving here, it’s hard to believe that 3 years have come and gone so very quickly. These years have been a positive experience & they’ve allowed me to focus on spending time with my family and given us the opportunity to discover our own personal chemistry.

I am very much looking forward to being nearer to friends and enjoying their company and communication. It will also be very nice for Dakota to be around his cousins and enjoy all the happiness that sharing your childhood with friends brings.

Lately I have been feeling like the last few years have rolled by so quickly that there was never really an adjustment period between the old and the new; not that I see this as something detrimental, simply that I feel like it has been a long time since I have stopped to consider why I do what I do.

It seems as if in times past my default course of action has been one of giving thought to my actions only after the fact, as if looking back and piecing together the reasons for which I chose to do what I did (not sure if that instinctive or reflective). It appears most sensible folk decode their actions differently choosing to “think things through” prior to doing anything.

Sensible however is not an attribute I naturally possess and I readily acknowledge that I have simply gone with the flow of life. This flowing is something that at times causes me to feel conflicted as the very sound of simply going with the flow seems to carry an air of being irresponsible or directionless. So I find myself asking the reason why I’ve been alright with going with the flow over the last few years and it appears it may have to do with the desire to move away mentally from everything in my past that had anything to do with any “calling, mission or end result”; a subconscious rebellion of sorts. Yet at the same time there is the sense of responsibility in the consciousness of how decisions made in the now will impact my children’s future.

I am fortunate enough to be able to work hard, spend time with my family and provide for them. Now with our second bubs on the way I am predicting how it will be all to easy to throw myself all the more into routine and in a sense get carried on further down stream.

Don’t have an end thought here but am deeply enjoying putting some thoughts down on paper even if they don’t all string together. I need to think less & write more (maybe it's the other way around).

betwen two worlds  


beginning to increasingly question just how harmful it is for us to live at odds with natural time... and wondering how one can in this day and age live in harmony with natural time.

found this in my drafts...  


Not sure how old this one is...

- "There is so much I want to write, so many thoughts to put into words. It's been a while since I've done this and now feel as if the habit I've regrettably adopted of pushing certain thoughts to the back of my mind in order to stay focused on the goal at hand has affected the ability to express my inner voice. Those questions that beg to be asked, the thoughts they awaken, the exploration of what I perceive as emotion and the mental journey of reason they set me on in search of awareness and self acceptance.

Sounds a lot more complicated when written. it's much easier to say... "Today I was thinking..."

It really is so much easier to ignore these thoughts and I can understand why some do opt for the simplicity of bliss that ignorance provides."-

Funny how things change with time.

broken people get recycled...  


Writing makes me happy and putting thoughts into words helps me continue the search. I will try to visit you soon dear blog. Hasta entonces... as natural as the rain that falls, here comes the flood again.