Perhaps it's only I but It seems to me that as people we can sometimes become so absorbed in making sure the life we live is filled with purpose, so occupied in ensuring that we are indeed doing the most we can towards an end goal, so consumed with becoming the best we can be in whatever direction our choice of life has been; that we begin to miss out on the beauty of the journey, the importance of the experience.

Is it possible to become so involved in our perception of what is the best that we fail to appreciate the importance and depth of the learning experience. Can our perception reach a point where it begins to distract us from the fact that if indeed we are here to learn to love then the most important thing is not just arriving at our destination but how we choose to reach it?

If mistakes equal good then let us not be afraid of what we will discover through them for in accepting that we are here to learn and that the end goal is not perfection let us enjoy the journey of discovery and growth, all the while allowing the beacon of love to guide us.

How does one choose to forsake a personal desire, be it a dream, aspiration or perception; when one knows that not doing so will come only at the price of unhappiness to those we love. If love is believing in others, then I choose to believe. If hope and faith abound in the presence of love, I choose love again. For love is believing, understanding and accepting that the one who loves us guides the paths we take, and if we allow Him to guide then the love within our hearts will reach others in ways far beyond those we could even begin to imagine. We can never lose by giving and although it may seem difficult to give our lives to something noble and grandiose, we may indeed discover that the greater challenges are found in those decisions where what is at stake is shedding the faith in ourselves alone and choosing instead to embrace faith in others.



If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?