sin mucho que contar...  


Just a couple photos taken last weekend when we took a day trip to an old quarry on the outskirts of town. It has been turned into a park/reserve and is really quite beautiful. Coming from Mexico where you don't often see that many beautiful parks that are so easily accessible, I have been enjoying the outdoors here immensely. There is a good chance I may get to snowboard this coming weekend! Wooohooo. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one as Amber hasn't yet given me a green light (some talk about not wanting me to fly back with a broken leg or such...), but where there is life there's hope.

I am expecting some sort of reply or update on my visa status next Thursday (your continued prayers are much appreciated) and will hopefully have news of the future then.

Un abrazo to the amigos all over!

still in Christchurch...  


...will be here at least a couple more weeks it seems. We got the first snow of the season last week. Missing the warm aussie weather but enjoying every minute of my stay. Te extrano mi amor.

Pictures of the last few months..  


These have been posted on Amber's blog but here goes for those of you who may have not yet seen these. They are pretty much self explanatory.