adios Sydney!  


Little behind the times here... but I have decided to not give upon this blog just yet, so here are some photos of my last week in Sydney.
Amber has probably posted about some of these very events but as they were also special for me, I will go ahead and show you more.

Had a lovely afternoon with the Adair family; there was swimming, pool and lots of comida; my fav were the delicious lamb chops and yummy humus. Thanks Jo, Shane and Lynn for having us over!

Also spent a night with Mike and Anaik and while at their place took a bike ride to Lake Paramatta Reserve and then met up with them later for a picnic dinner.

Big thank you also to Mark and Kay for having us!

Caught an overnight bus to Adelaide with a stop in Melbourne... didn't get to see much of Melbourne as it was raining but the last leg of the bus ride was on a double decker and I rode on top... woohoo! Saw a very dry yet beautiful stretch of farmland and arrived into the longest standing heat wave in history for Adelaide; will save that story for next post.

So that is my somewhat short and very vague recount of my second week in Sydney and even though the photos are not in the proper timleline the skinny is: I had a wonderful time and "thank you" to everyone who helped make it memorable! I will be back!

On another note... I discovered "root" has an entirely different meaning here... heh. these Aussies son tremendos.