betwen two worlds  


beginning to increasingly question just how harmful it is for us to live at odds with natural time... and wondering how one can in this day and age live in harmony with natural time.

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I must warn you, I've had a couple of vodkas.

Well my friend, after considering your statement I've come to the conclusion that it could only mean a major revolution in the way we live and what we live for! Maybe your Mayan mates were onto something with that calender! And with 40 percent of the worlds wealth going to only one percent of the global populace I suppose it's about time for a change. Trouble is with corporations being more powerful than a lot of countries and having major influence in politics in the ones with the cash, this change will be a real challenge. Perhaps we can just run ourselves out of resources and after raping every square inch of land and destroying its biological makeup with the techniques currently employed to feed the masses who are there simply to boost economic growth, the world might just cleanse itself of it's sickness (humans). Well I'm rambling again, just shut up and get on the tube to your fucking pointless existence Rob!!! Be happy in the fact that you are not in a much worse situation as are many others out there! (A typical response) Well at this point I would like to second the opinion that ignorance IS bliss and I fucking want it back!!! How can you appreciate what you've got when you know that it was only attained through the exploitation and destruction of other economies and cultures! I feel as though there is blood on my hands!! The only answer from what I see around me is; If you can't beat em join em! It makes me sick, but here I am init so wtf?!

Bring the change!

8:15 AM

I am familiar with some of those sentiments compadre. Are you familiar with the Maya concept of time? How they perceived it as a fourth dimension and something we carry inside of us? Most of the world today perceives time as something mechanical and external from us where as the Maya believed it to be an actual force within us. It is a very interesting concept. I'm beginning to discover just how much something as simple as the calendar and 24/60 time the world is governed by only serves the purpose of the wealthy... yet we are expected to accept it from birth. Won't get started on the subject... but I know where you're coming from amigo. :)

11:20 AM

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