una historia  


I have a story to tell.


Thanks to the support of the fantastic people in my Home I was able to get away for 5 days (I flew on a plane for the first time) and experience a trip of just living the moment.

It was my first time to the beach town of “La Mision”

and I have to say I quite liked the feel of it; on week days there were mostly just surfers out there and since there were empty beaches I enjoyed long walks,




and naps.

Of course, the fabulous thing about taking lazy days is that when you have someone to share them with nothing is every really dull… to the contrary, there is hardly a dull moment. I was a very happy boy…

thank you Amber for making it so memorable! (she’s incredible... and gorgeous)

There are times when you come in contact with thosewhose hunger for life is so strong that it becomes contagious… guess we’ll see if I can keep up.

Enough said.

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I can't believe you guys were 15 minutes from us and didn't come over. Oh well, I still have the bag of stuff for you and Suko, let me know if you hear of any trips coming this way.

2:12 PM

I liked the story..sweet.XOXOO

1:34 PM

awwwwwww que lindo! You're looking rather worked out and hot I must say... a week at the beach with a hot little lady would do that for you I suppose ;)

Well she's absolutely gorgeous! Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys - living worlds apart can be tough, but I have faith in you. :)


3:11 PM

*xoxoxoxox =)

3:12 PM

Awww...thats lovely migs! She looks familiar.

4:10 AM

looks like a heap of fun, just don't keep my sister from visiting us :)

love you lotsxxxx

3:36 PM

Can you please go against the wish of our mutual friend and re-post the original top pic that you had up? You both look so good in that shot. :-)

5:17 PM

You look very happy and Amber looks very beautiful!
I know that good things come in God's time and you certainly deserved to have some time off! Looks like you had a most memorable time and learned a few things too!

You will always be an example of dedication, bravery and discipleship to me.

4:40 AM

Thanks for the repost!!! You guys look great, relaxed, and like you had loads of fun (would have sent you both back for a replay if we had seen otherwise)!!! :-P

9:11 AM

Hey there people! Some pretty kind comments up there, thank you!

Un dia a la vez, you know how it goes.

I love you to Angie, you're my chiquilla.

You're very welcome Anon; and thank you for making it possible for her to have taken that time!


11:30 AM

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