the Nemo  

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Oh, the cuteness!!!

I love how the nick-name "Nemo" stuck. - Even you use it now. :D

11:55 AM

hey is an absolute doll!

12:11 PM

Oh how precious!!!! So cute!!!

Heh, I like Suko's boobies! :P

11:39 PM

awwwww! He is too cuuute! :) - Ez, the Luna

8:59 AM

Yup, he's got all the qualifications of a Luna- cute, funny and advanced!
Such a handsome big boy!-Angie Luna

12:47 PM

So cute!!!....and so it stars the year of bruises and falls!!.

4:53 AM

Ahhh! He's the cutest little guy ever!!!

My computer was broken for about a week... that's why you haven't seen me around.


9:00 AM

will you post again soon?

5:59 AM

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