remember ...  


...that is what is going thru my mind.

it's been a very long time since I've sat down with the intent of putting my thoughts into words perhaps because I've been thinking of calling it a night on this count... of letting this story come to a close. It's incredible how quickly life carries on. So much has happened since I last posted, but in a nutshell... its been a very long few months... I'll go head and extend that to a very long year. :)

Something of note however is that as of tomorrow morning I am parting ways with a wonderful team; a group of individuals who have made the last 2 years of my life an unforgettable experience... I will miss them dearly.

It's time to keep moving forward.

Although I am not exactly sure where this forward motion is carrying me... I know that it will bring new challenges, new experiences and new friends.... I know you're out there guys... I will find you soon.

Too much to say, in such few words. Un abrazo al CTC and to the ones that matter... remember the good times.

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You are moving from the CTC???

8:57 AM

We love you and you will be missed!!

3:42 AM

Your Leaving? Where too? No where to far I hope.

4:04 PM

presently in Torreon Anjie, in Colonia las Margaritas. Actually the house here is two blocks from the Soriana by Mario's house... that might ring a bell. :)

7:56 AM

Ha! Wow! Sure does ring a bell. hehe! That was so long ago. At least Mario is getting the fellowship at last.

6:45 AM

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