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It's been ten days of changing gears; catching up on sleep, getting back in touch with old friends, making new ones, rediscovering the city and enjoying all the simple joys of life that little miracles bring when you are in the pioneer stage.

I am beginning to at last get my mail ministry somewhat organized and since Telmex finally got with the program and offered packages that include unlimited national and local calls, I am calling friends near and far. So, if you are a friend in Mexico... send me your number. :)

I leave you with some photos of the last few days and will be back soon with more...

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interesting pics ha you actually take pics cutting your toenails???

gorgeous baby

9:25 AM

Awww, I love the photo of Amber and Nemo! So cute! And Amber looks goooooood. ;)

9:59 AM

Hello! That is me attempting to learn the proper way to paint a woman's toenails! I didn't do so bad if I may say so. :)

10:07 AM

lovely...who's is the child though? We see him a lot on here. Yours, Migs??

6:44 PM

Me, a child of my own?? That will be the day:) This is my sister's son, "Kenji"; (aka: Nemo) and he hit his terrible twos nine months early, hence the grumpy face in one photo. But he keeps us smiling so we forgive him.

12:38 AM

Mig I love how you type Kenji in quotes ("Kenji") and Nemo without. As if his real name is Nemo. hehe.

Oh good ol' Torreon. Wonder what would have happened had we never left to begin with? :(

I hope you have my pictures still!! I'll have to figure out when I can come get em!

1:00 PM

What about friends in Guate? Heres my number.....777 just kidding. Te quiero mucho.

2:40 PM

ha sorry for not looking closely enough, I just gave it a quick glance

11:34 AM

So it's back to good old Torreon Huh? Who knows what wonders you'll have being back there. Hope all is good with you. :P

4:14 PM

so you can make phone calls near and far...and yet you haven't called me?...your little sister..what is this all about..tsk no migs this will never has the number so no excuses...i will be waiting for your call...i love you tons mig...hope to hear more often from you..(hint hint)..:D:D
te amo

9:24 AM

sheesh, it's hard to tell who that last anonymous was :P

1:13 PM

posting again soon?

2:38 PM

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