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2 months in Torreon have come and gone. Time seems to go by quicker the older you get and now we are a week into the New Year. Since I last posted I've had the opportunity to share wonderful moments with some excellent people.

Steve: I haven't met a more positive man in years, incredibly talented. He has the gift of empathy and a hunger for reaching out to others. An outstanding human being and wonderful friend.

Jim: Hard to find a more soft spoken, patient man... also has the best sense of humor ever... for real, I think that is my favorite thing about him.

Lirio: She is my mum; incredible faith, patience and Love are what make this lady tops in my books. The love and care she pours into Angel serves to remind me daily of the truly important things in life... enough said.

Suko: My sister, a tough cookie, but a truly dependable friend and an extraordinary mommy... it takes one for a tyke like Kenji... enough said.

Angel and Kenji... well, these guys are rascals. But they keep us young at heart and help us discover things about ourselves we never even imagined each and every day.

Too much happened in Dec for me to keep up with it, so sadly I will have to simply post some photos of events and such.

Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy new Year!

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The hair, the glasses, the v-neck, the popped collar... hottness! =)

Ohhh I miss all of you!! Christmas in Torreon was definitely one of the most memorable... Torreon in general! Soo many memories and good times.

Give your mom and Angel a big kiss from me. He seems so much the same, even though only in pictures, such an angel!

11:13 AM

Suko is looking mucho pretty. And I was going to comment on the uber sharpness of your look as well! Although I like the hair pulled back better.

2:31 AM

Thank you for the compliment girls; very kind of you!
Now that you've seen pics of the fam you must post some Christmas pictures of you and your men soon... would love to see them!

Suko was definitely the one who put the most effort into photos... I wasn't really into it at all, but figured I best take some for the sake of posterity.

Amber started putting my hair up and back (like an islander); I quite like the feel and look.

Lot's of love to you both!

6:29 PM

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