leaving on a jet plane  


There is a ticket with my name on it. Novelty for me as I haven't yet visited anywhere other than Mexico's neighboring countries.

I would have never imagined that my first journey off the continent would take me to the land down under; but so it will.

Amongst other first times will be experiencing jet lag and skipping most of Valentine's Day altogether...was never much of a romantic anyway. But the best news of all is that there is a friendly face waiting for me on the other end.

I will leave from here...

arrive there...

depart from there to here...

then leave again to eventually arrive here...

All my bags are packed I'm ready to go...

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your going to australia??? thats awesome!!!

11:49 AM

I envy you (in a good way.) Oz is one of the places I must visit before I die.

3:33 PM

Can't wait to see you...Here is another friendly face:)

8:01 PM

Hey Mig, that's so cool you'll be stopping in Toronto. You know for how long? It'd be great to see you again! Hope you have good vacation!

4:04 PM

On a jet plane, huh.

12:41 AM

Oz it is Laura.

I know what you mean Luca... I still can't believe it myself.

Cant wait to see you Serena, it's been a while.

Marz, sadly I will only be in Toronto for a few hours. I would love to see you and your fam though. Hey! Maybe on the way back!

7:11 AM

How long you going to be there for?
Hope its fun!

10:39 AM

Oh silly me, heh hope you have fun!

8:48 AM

are you there yet?

7:37 AM
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7:37 AM

Hey, Mig - I tagged you! ;)

"Show me a special something--something that is important or beautiful or meaningful or full of memories for you--or all of that--and tell me about it. Absolutely anything!! Take a photo of it! =D"

2:02 PM

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