still in Christchurch...  


...will be here at least a couple more weeks it seems. We got the first snow of the season last week. Missing the warm aussie weather but enjoying every minute of my stay. Te extrano mi amor.

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No wonder you got sick...standing in the snow in thongs. Miss you doll. me

6:40 PM

wow, I never visited New Zealand, it must be so beautiful!

1:38 AM

hope everything is working out, cool you got to go there xoxoxox

4:46 AM

I tu, Migs--un abrazo.

Que haces casado, haciendo hijos en Australia?


5:50 PM

I miss you too lover! Demasiado.

Can't wait to get back.

12:08 AM

What a god awful name for a city! fix it, now! =)

2:02 AM

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