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So it’s been a while… that is has. I have good news! God loves me enough to watch my back and give me a nudge when I’m falling asleep at the wheel. Good thing I don’t wear shades, not like He wouldn’t know whether I’m cruising with my eyes shut… but it feels good to take the wheel once again and be fully awake. There’s no hiding anything from Him. A real bud.

This last month has been one of those that you find yourself taking a pause and asking yourself, “what’s my age again?” It feels good to be young...

On other news I am dancing again… again… I realize I have determined to several times this year… but being that I may have a little more time on my hands from here to April I plan to make good use of it… Dancing apart from being away of life… allowing myself to for a moment lay all metaphors aside... is the single most physically pleasurable form of relieving stress and working up a sweat that could ever rival that three letter word. Good times. But it is also a form of expression, a language if you may that it isn’t bound by geographical distances… you can get on the dance floor with someone, not speak a word of their language and yet simply connect. It’s all about the connection. Write that one down.

So last night I got to jump in and do a 2 minute Latin routine for a bi-annual dance academy presentation, we were invited to do the Irish thing which sadly I have not done well with, but Suko… well she seems to have a knack for it and actually did not only the Latin number but participated in the Irish presentation as well, so talented. It was fun.

There were some ladies doing flamenco. HOT! Intense…

Hope to perform again soon , had forgotten just how fun it can be… of course it helps when I take off my glasses and can’t see a thing... I just smile and become oblivious to the audience response… kidding, the spotlights usually take care of that.

Will post some pics soon.

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You guys are taking this dancing thing very seriously! I swear, Ez looks like something straight out of an Usher music video. (Not that I've seen on in eons)
Good for you. What's that corny saying... dance like nobody is watching?

5:00 AM

I'm so glad you're still dancing. I think you're the best, Migs.

1:50 PM

i still remember the first time u and i danced in mexico city at that camp, when i was 16. you basically told me i sucked! hahaha love ur dancing mig.

1:02 AM

nothing better than dancing...umm course i'm gonna say that, anyhow i'm glad you did start dancing again, what academy did you say you're in? sorry, forgot! But doesn't it just feel wonderful while you're there? Que ricooo..hehe.

7:27 AM

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