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I can just see it, some day your kids (grandkids too, probably) will look at this pic and wonder how you ever got the ladies. (Make sure you keep the post where you point out your salvation in charm!) ;)

2:25 PM

Hahahahaha! Love it!

2:42 PM

special ;)

6:05 PM

Oh Dear, Oh dear!!!

2:02 AM

Awww. How poofy! Still, I think you look good when you make curly locks. Oh, and CurlyCel, the slavation comes in that little glass he is holding... hee hee hee (just kidding)

6:00 AM

Ha-ha madame em! - I like that one. I was told Tequila is an aphrodisiac for I guess you're not that off. :D

11:54 AM

Heh heh heh heh!

Funny Emm... :)

Those grand children better keep their finger crossed, as for the hair I am proud to announce that the curls are back... I'm going to have to buy conditioner, will that qualify me as vain?

As for the tequila... say no more, it is the sole salvation of many a man and woman no matter what their dashing good looks may be.

You see, God was thinking simple/bare necessities when he made me,thus He cut out the frills and chiseled out only the essentials like that killer afro and the afore mentioned charm.... and if you think otherwise... well that's just too bad.. go have some tequila!


I love women...

(shhhh.. it's a secret)

12:58 PM


I like's cool

(It took a few minutes to get from the first sentence to the second, heh)

1:22 PM

I've never met you but still it's true that your reputation (read, charm) proceeds you.

12:18 PM

i love it! totally love it!

4:52 PM

Loxy: coming from you it is the ultimate compliment... you made me smile.


10:00 AM

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