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The stuff memories are made of. I really am priviliged to live with as good a bunch as the one here. Feast Day 3 found us at a lake. Compadres Jason and John were the first to give in to the urge and jump in, followed by some others, coulnd't be left behind, and even though it was cold, pulling the girls in made it more than worth it.

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That's a good-lookin guy right there.

6:12 AM

love how authentically mexican you look when you've got beer in your hand.

Looks like a wonderful day. Nice one of the girls holding themselves and u jumping in. Best of all, of course, is James' shirt.

8:41 AM

Ok, you guys are officially insane!!!!!!! no way i would have jumped in, it does look like you had a lot of ...

6:23 AM

you look so happy. i miss you.

3:49 PM

Why thank you Kenj!

Dear web nanny... that beer was not mine! I was framed; promise! ;)

Insane is a good think Kalita.

I miss you too.

11:17 AM

looks like alot of fun

6:55 PM

To clarify: I'm nobody's webnanny.

Mig you post so infrequently.

1:17 AM

Florecita!My bad! That wasn't intended to reflect on you, but rather a disclaimer to your post for someone else. You know I wouldn't say that too you

8:37 AM

Looks like you guys had a good time. Nice to see some pics...

7:24 AM

remember the pics we took from La Sierra Tarahumarra? the water was freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing!! Good times!

12:22 PM

THAT water was freeeeezing... I still can't believe I jumped in. good times they were.

12:41 AM

I see John and Jason in one of those..I miss them. much.

4:29 PM

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