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It has been quiet in here, and for no other reason than; the absence of sufficient time to kill.

Let me tell you that I have as of last time something was left said on here gone ice skating! (third time in my life) Me and any kind of skates never seem to work well, but I survived (did not fall once) and even got a picture of me smiling.

Valentines Day is quickly approaching and I will most likely be absent for the occasion but I do want to say something about this fine day. Though I find myself facing a unique challenge; that of celebrating this event with the proverbial -hands tied behind my back- ; I will not let this steal the joy that comes from the sincere, genuine magic that lies in the heart. Expressions of love may on this day come attached with chocolates, (which I will have) fine bottles of wine (which I shall not have) and many other joyful activities (all in due time mig), but the one thing that will make this day unique, will be the sound of the voice that can only be heard in the heart, the one that tells you to love the best way you know how.

To those of you who have your hands and can use them, never minds your hands; to those of you who have the courage to listen to your heart … Hear Hear: Let not love die with the occasion, nay, I say let it ignite a flame, burn on continuously, and if need be rekindle what you feel slipping away. But most importantly, let love speak through you, let its voice be heard, carry its echo through your eyes and in your smile. Learn to listen in those moments of silence when nothing is left unsaid and everything is felt.

Think of the one word that makes you smile and say it over, again and again.

Muna :)

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i loved the way you put this, i have to admit i was dreading the occasion...but i guess there is so many ways we can look at things or so many different ways we can focus on others...i really hope i have the strength to come out triumphant on this day..hehe. Let me know how it went for you. On the other hand, what or who is -Muna-?

7:51 AM

Migs, you accidentally linked me.

I have to update my link list.


7:58 AM

T'was no accident Gio!

...and Muna = the reason for my smile.

8:13 AM

oooh that's totally my new name for you. MiglUNA, Muna! haha

I'm so awesome.

but wait, first tell us what's so great, maybe it has some ultra kinky conotation. ( wouldn't be surprised) TELL TELL TELL!

12:33 PM

Against my better judgement, I think I'll wish you a happy Valentines

Thot provoking post

your nemesis

5:26 PM

Muna is his new girlfriend!

6:29 AM


5:18 PM

Oh right - a.k.a. Jamie

By the way, is 'muna' Mayan? I found it means "my desire" in Arabic or one of those languages, is that what her name means to you?

5:31 AM

Someone is nailing you darlin!

Happy everyday to you dear friend!


6:22 AM

Yes, it's Arabic! Good work!

Dear anonymous, I'm flattered you took the time to research it - but yes, I like the name so much I put it on a mug. :)

Me and girlfriends don't do well - not really sure why. But it feels good to have a reason to smile, doesn't it?

And nemesis? Is there any chance of reconcilation?

12:21 PM

Oh, so you're "Foo-Foo", Mig! I saw that mug. HA!

BTW, not to take away from the flattery anonymous gave you, but I found that same info on Webster's online. - In one click. I don't think it took him/her much "research". ;)

2:22 AM

No nailing yet Heidi! sigh...
50 and counting!

all in due time though. ;)

7:07 AM

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