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It has been much too long -

so much has happened and in due time I will relate all, but right now I have one word for you:


it's the only word I saw on that big medical sheet in the big envelope.... and I am happy.

Good times, let them roll.


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HAHA Oh God you weirdo! Well fine I'm happy for you too.

9:51 PM

I'm even happier
what a relief...

ur nemesis

10:22 PM

Haha! For all this positivity talk, there are still times when "positive" is the worst word in the world.
Glad you passed your test with flying colors.
Congrats, ok?

2:16 AM

Congrats Migs, you're too much! ;)

3:52 AM

Quick, spread the word... Mig is back in the game!

4:24 AM

Awwhhhh! I feel so loved!! :)

And... I get to kick off the celebration by taking off on the road for the weekend.

Morelia; my visit to Camineros can wait no longer.

6:29 AM
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1:24 PM

Promise to bring back some cool pics for the Morelias old timers...

10:28 PM

LOL! that's one time you can be thankful for the negative :P

4:29 AM

Sweeeet dude, I know exactly how you feel. Man. Positive anything would suck in that case. I'll take the negative nothing, and you write Mama.

Wait... that's evil.

Hey, so are you going to be the JT bigshot again?? That would be cool!


12:46 PM

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