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My soon to be nephew/niece gave its first kick last night! You know what this means??? I'm going to be an uncle! I of course knew this already, but just thinking of all the things we'll be able to do together ( play soccer, play soccer... play soccer)is an exciting thought, think of it he is kicking already! I need to take some pictures of the beautiful belly. Little help please Luci. :)

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Do you guys want to come over for the weekend? Would be great fun, and we have a nice property for photos. Love to Suko!!

2:19 AM

would love too! have to see if we can though. thanks for having us!

5:56 AM

who is pg????

3:04 PM

Suko Suko! Yay!! I'm gonna be a GodMother!!! :)

4:20 PM

Wow...Congrats! Best wishes & all...where is she having the baby? is she living with you? Saludos!

2:54 AM

nice! hey how many months PG is she now?

1:25 PM

ahhhhhh thats awesome...I need to write her

3:20 PM

And I forgot to mention that they NEVER turn out the way you want them to, so tell yourself he won't like soccer and who knows, he just might have a thing for it. ;)

5:24 AM

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