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It's a blurr speeding past me.. sliding doors; they will open, close and then move on. The choice to get on is sometimes the hardest. I board, look out the window and realize that the blurr is now where I used to be.

Where will it take me? Not sure. But that guy up front, He's in control. So I don't mind the past taking its place in the background... and I am happy to be moving.

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Anonymous long as it's good...
having the Guy in front take full control and be the driver is even better

And you look nice in that pic
I like ;)

your nemesis

3:24 PM

I know about the blur. I just need to get on a train, I need to get on the right one. It's hard sometimes to know for sure.

3:43 AM

In our "tren de alegría" ctp project in Chile, the little train logo said:

,Happiness isn't the destination. It's the way to travel.,

I just thought I'd share that piece of profundity with you. :p

1:02 PM

very profound

thans for sharing!

12:56 AM

Kick ass pic migs! Who took? You're so damn happy, what the hell man?? ;)

1:51 PM

he's happy because he got laid. Life is simple!:)

4:14 PM
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10:06 PM

Emma took that shot, and I was happy cause she and my sister Angie (also in the pic) were visiting... and FYI that theory on happiness , as natural and simplistic as it may sound, ain't necessarily so... yes mam, you heard right. It's looking like 40 years in the wilderness for me on that count.



1:19 AM

i miss mexico, i miss you! muah! xoxox

10:35 AM

I miss friends like you Madi... whaen you gonna grace Mexico?


2:26 PM

No, but I miss YOU more.

I miss Mexico. I even miss the metros in DF.

And I miss YOU, Migs.

12:53 PM

ain't it good to know...?

sing it with me now!


5:08 AM

I actually like the pic Mig. Good choice of words to discribe it as well.

5:51 AM

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