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- You can't have your cake and eat it too -

"What about apple pie?" I asked (I love apple pie).
"Don't even think about it, one bite the whole thing, it's all the same" they say.

I know they're right.

but still... cookie anyone?

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You can't have your cake and apple pie

6:08 AM

Apart from making a statement (sometimes powerful) by means of depriving one's self of the only thing left that one is able to control ina controled environment; hunger strikes hardly ever acomplish any kind of purpose... and they make for very unhappy hungry people. (skinny ones too... like Ghandi)


12:03 PM

Hey ghandi's hunger strikes worked!

1:15 AM


But the sweet, bald, big eared, skinny guy... (who I deeply admire) got shot nn the end.

will that be the end for me??


3:34 AM

It's a noble end, albeit a sucky one. Maybe some woman you tried to help will come back and kill you.

2:29 PM

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