If you knew me...  

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"... and the sky opened up
with the soil of the sun..

... I hope you understand what I mean,

nice to meet you anyway"

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I don't get it. What's that supposed to mean?

11:30 PM

that he's more encrypted than the da vinci code.

8:09 AM

Great picture!
And great blog, by the way. I liked it! I just found it pushing "next blog".
Good luck and all the best!

6:11 AM

It's not my picture melox; but rather the picture in my mind.

Drop by anytime.


6:22 AM

I don't get it either ...

... but I'm sure "someone" does! :)

7:12 AM

Miggy wanna explain what that is????

10:16 AM

You see this isn't where my head is,
If you knew me I'm not like this...

2:13 PM

soil of the sun.... hmmmm. hmmmmm. hmmmmmmm. hmmmm. ok I really I don't think this one works. what do you mean? can joo explain?

5:18 PM

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