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Children have a way of being so refreshingly sincere and shamelessly outspoken… a bit too much at times.

I’m presently schooling a group of five 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders. Fun bunch. They have a way of not only coming up with the most interesting of questions, but of also making the most intrepid statements about their surroundings and the people they know.

You know how as a parent or caretaker you at one time or another experience a situation where you have to at a later time point out to the little person that the unrestrained voicing of their opinion can be rude and embarrassing? Yet, other times, they seem to see right through people and you can’t help but tend to agree with their take on things.

Well, it’s at those moments that you pause, hesitant on whether you need to steer the conversation in a different direction; or, ask yourself if there really is a need to say anything at all.

I usually give them a pensive look and encourage them to explore other possibilities of what really may be as I contain my laughter, yet other times I can’t help but beam a smile and think, “I knew it wasn’t just me!”

Thank God for children and for how they remind me of how important it is to be honest with my self.

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deep, very deep. I like this post

5:03 AM

so give us an example of these kids clairvoyance. I am curious as to what exacly inspired this post. <3

5:20 PM

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