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I can't believe it's been over 3 months...

He makes me a very happy uncle. Although I did have to shave his head for the second time cause his hair was coming in splotchy, with patches of dark and blonde hair, hilarious!

He is getting kind of cuter though.

I love my Kenji!

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is his name really Kenji?

3:16 PM


4:10 PM
the costello  

oh my he's so cute, he looks just like his uncle :)

1:45 PM

Awww...he's adorable! What do you mean "getting cuter"? - He already is!!!! Such a love - and to think the first few times I saw him he was ALWAYS SLEEPING! I love him!!!!

P.S. The last pic looks as if his eyes are lightening - is that really the case or is it just the flash and lighting? (He could, after all, be taking after his father. - Rather than the uncle. Har-har!)

5:20 AM

he's a cutie... can't wait to see ya guys.. comin in on tuesday whoohoo we must parttayyy!! haha!! JK!!

10:39 AM

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