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Oh boy, it's been over a month; time is simply flying, I had a very happy, very eventful close of a last year, and a very busy start of a new one; and it seems like the new year always ushers in a rush of rambling thoughts. However, I think I will simply post some backed up pictures for now...those shallow thoughts of mine can wait for later. :)

Hope you are all having a fantastic time!

Un abrazo.

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yeaa.. that pic of us looks the best.. I look like I drank a tad to much haha.. not at all not at all :D great times miss ya

2:42 PM

great pics thanks for posting I will try to follow your example a post a few myself. Kenji is looking adorable.

5:15 PM

yay you're still alive...and posting ;)

1:56 PM

Pictuuuuuuuuures! Por fin! :) And as usual... with da ladies. Hey I got that book!!! Sending today!

7:01 AM

whos the funny looking girl in the black dress...hehehe

2:25 PM

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