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myself, even if it is for no reason other than to keep the youthful side in me alive. I go through phases where I fall in and out of love with dance, but in the end it always pulls me back. I just can't think of a better way to silently express or transmit an emotion. Penned words may move the mind, but the thoughts of the heart can more often than not be expressed through freedom of the spirit. Let the music move your body.

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Loved that!

4:53 AM

yep rubber legs and all...only thing missing is the mouth wide open. ;)

8:59 AM

And the purple shirt and overalls!!


12:39 PM

Everyone can dance, I agree - but if its good or not is not a given. ;)

I agree though, dancing is good for you - who cares that I'm not good at it. :D

2:14 PM

Good stuff... funny girls :)

It's called dance to express

and my mouth wasn't wide open ALL the time was it?!

Jamie; the shirt was BLUE!

2:44 PM

I Love dancing as if no one is looking.
Every now and then I take my MP3 player, head phones and head down to the studio to dance to myself. hehe... I wonder what people think when they see me, I never seem to notice them.

11:17 PM

yes was open all the time!!! ...used to drive me nuts...

7:24 AM

The only problem is that us guys look like frogs in a blender.


Just me then.

1:38 PM

Kenji, that visual was much too perturbing... I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time! heh.
I do remember you attempting head spins on that red fireman hat of yours, hope u didn't give up.iu

2:24 PM

Frogs in blenders.. ehe, that is an analogy that had never occured to me... so that explains it.. -- I fear I will now be terribly self-conscious when I dance. I just had to join the jury here on the case in question "purpleshirt/oxygen thief vs mankind" My verdict -- GUILTY.
Even so chicks seemed to dig it, so cheers~! Nice vid. - Ez, the Luna

8:24 AM

Migs, I hope you never stop dancing. There are far too few guys in the world who can dance like you.

3:02 PM

You've done it! you finally do that stiff-spin like Justin Timberlake
the rest needs some improving...
love you migs!

12:02 PM

Migs, u still dance? Thats vonderball! I used to brag about ur dancing skills so much. I'd love to take u to a rave. ;)

2:14 PM

So much love!
Haven, you are far too kind, and you know dance ia all about freedom of the spirit; if the heart and mind are free, the body simply follows.

Glo that isn't me, but yes, I love corporal expression.

Charlock; that raveis definitely on the "to do"! Will call you on that one.

AEz: "oxygen thief" contests that claim, what is more, you'll be hearing from his attorney.


12:45 PM

Happy Birthday to yoooooooooooooooooouuu!!!!! :)
Hope you have an awesome new year!

1:48 AM

Happy Birthday! Put up birthday photos!

2:02 AM

thanks Jamie and Luci!

Photos must come up, will work on that.

5:13 PM

happy late bday.. then again.. i already wish u one ;)

9:23 AM

wow miggs, that was beautiful! you would be proud of me. i can actually dance now... remember back in the day? well i finally let go and its fun as hell.. so yes i agree... everyone can dance. if i can.... anyone can!

8:10 PM

WOW! Pretty amazing! And, no, I don't think you know me. I've been snooping around ppls blogs and I bumped into yours...I like it. Its deep and different. You seem like the kind of person and if you meet once, you'll never forget.
So, keep it up. Nos vemos un dia.

1:07 PM

Oh, btw, I wasnt able to watch the clip with sound since my pc is giving me some trouble lately. When I do, I might comment again.
LY, Take care.

1:10 PM
Abe J.  

That's rad, I love to dance too, it's the most expressive of all human creations.

5:54 AM

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