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It's been over a month, I know; but I just had to show you a pic of the two gorgeous women I get to work with. Be envious. Work has never been such a pleasure. :)

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I know Jamie but who is the other one???

6:10 PM

'work' with. heh...I like the way you put that :)

8:12 AM

Ha! A woman after my own heart; love you Puala, nunca cambies.


8:41 AM

Awww it's Joyzina - (good god she's gorgeous) one of my favorite girls ever....and Jaime - damn you're a lucky man.

5:59 AM

yaaaaay! joyke bananas! HUGS kisses love

3:33 AM

Loxy and Zupa, I extended your sweet comments to Joy... made her smile; send lot's of love back.

2:26 PM

Joy looks good there.

3:03 PM

Oooh, please tell JOY that I super luv her! Tell her that Gracie whom she lived with in Chile sends her tons of luv. She does look so super pretty!! Como siempre! ;)

8:55 AM

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