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I had a really good time yesterday, hadn't gotten away for a while.

I couldn't help but think of what life and civilization must have been like back when it was a prosperous city; when life was still conducted at a pace where one would take the time to actually appreciate the beauty allaround us.

I am sitting atop the "Pyramid of the Sun" in the first two pictures, facing the Pyramid of the Moon.

Amber and I halfway up the Moon Pyramid, behind us lies the "Avenue of the Dead" and the large pyramid on the left is the "Pyramid of the Sun".

I have to thank her really for making me take her out there, as I would have probably never have gone of my own accord. Gracias Amber.

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You finally updated your blog. It's about time. Check out Owen's blog http://owenjamesetheredge.blogspot.com/

11:06 AM

awsum pics.. and nice to see u updating been a while

1:21 PM

oh god I wish i was there!!

1:40 AM

it was pretty amazing Charlock. Hey; you should com eto Mexico sometime.

12:14 PM

Yes I know! It's something I've been planing on doing this year. I really want to.

11:23 PM

hey miggy, nice view...is amber living with you???...

2:11 PM

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