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"Opportunities pass us by while we sit regretting the chances we have lost, & the happiness that comes to us we heed not because of the happiness that is gone."

"Tis time this heart should be unmoved, since others it hath ceased to move, yet though I cannot be loved, still let me love."

...and thus I rest my case. Me encanta su manera de pensar... y sentir.

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Miss you Migs!

3:04 PM

I miss you too Nat! Vuelve pronto.

3:13 PM

Well mine has stopped to be loved, but alas there is plenty more to give out -- it is replenished daily...If Only...... others would see this continual flow we would be a lot happier and free......

12:09 PM

are we talking about romantic love here? Cuz I know plenty of people who love y'all. Muah.

4:04 AM

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing! To me it sounds like an anorexic girl who's complaining of being fat. :(

Hello? You guys are loved!!!!!!

4:23 AM

Ehe; girls there were two parts to it. The first is a reflection; a note to self if you may. And the second part is a statement, a decision of sorts. What am I wondering is, can one love and be loved without being moved? Can the heart be set fixed on nothing but love itself? If so, then there is no relevance to whether that love is romantic or not.

5:19 AM

I probably shouldn't even try to answer this - but love begets love. Whether its the type of love you're hoping for or not, well, that is another issues all itself. ;)

5:40 AM

full on!

10:38 AM

"What am I wondering is, can one love and be loved without being moved?"

Be loved without being moved? I think so, yes. It's true that love begets love sometimes, but not always. It's still a matter of free choice after all, and there are a wide range of other emotions it can beget; indifference, pity, annoyance, even contempt...

But to love without being moved? For me that would depend on what being moved means to you ...

If you mean reaching a place where, while accepting that their heart will never move that way for you, you can love them with peace and acceptance, without the torn emotions that require reciprocation or validation, if the love you feel can settle down into a warm knowledge that becomes its own joy and reward ... then yes, I think that's not just possible but sometimes, very beautiful. :)

wow... I'm long winded.

6:43 AM

I think that it boils down to loving yourself enough and knowing what your needs are without settling for less than you know you need for yourself. Sometimes love in equal measure will be unrequited and like Joy said "you CAN love them with peace and acceptance, without the torn emotions that require reciprocation or validation" ... but it's a risk if we're talking about romantic love. Which I have some vaaague hunch we might be. :)

wuvjoomigsy! <3

8:18 AM

By all means, sit there, Miggy; there is no remedy for love but to love more, though.
As for me, let man tear my heart out! Me estremezco. I will roam on. The whole life of a man is but a point in time; let us enjoy it!

12:50 PM

I once again read over the comments you dear readers have left; and I want to say that I am blessed to have such wonderful group of friends, you're the best guys!

And you are right Heather - but a point in time -.

now... it's time to update.

2:32 AM

Lord Byron, the poem is called on this day I complete my 36th year. I am impressed

7:20 AM

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