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Fatherhood: The Truth is the title of the Marcus Berkmann book I finished reading last week. It was delightfully humorous and quite informative. Although I must say that thanks to Amber's diligent research I was already aware of a good 70 percent of the interesting factoids regarding pregnancy, the other 30% of new info made it worth the read.

The thought of becoming a father in the not too distant future still puts a smile on my face. We have been having a hard time agreeing on a name with me wanting an Aztec or Mayan one (all of my choices have been rejected on the grounds that none of the western relatives would be able to pronounce them) and she wanting to name him something to do with native american indian heritage.... the problem is one of the only options that I like sounds like a US state. This baby name business is more work than I thought and so far my super powers of persuasion have been coming up short... Amber laughs at my attempts to convince her that awesome manly Aztec names such as Tenoch are befitting for a little Luna. Ya veremos.

I have only been back a few weeks and am getting ready to again be gone for over a month... so if it gets quieter in here than it has been as of late, well at least you'll know why. I will miss Amber so very much and will most likely be once again astonished at how much the belly will have grown.

Feilcidades a Esther por tener la primera nieta en la familia! Un abrazo a todos en Mexico.

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but i had heard you got a good visa...why do you have to leave again??, good luck on having a say in the name picking hahaha although if you name him something hard to pronounce you will just have to be happy with the way we all say it:)

12:05 AM

Only going to Adelaide this time. Hopefully won't have to leave the country for a while.

11:05 AM

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