my gorgeous wife...  

Posted is still her face that captivates me every time I see her. :)

As much as she may disagree I believe she truly does have a motherly glow to her, even if she may claim that this glow is only caused by extra blood rushing to her head (one of those pg factoids). What is more, I dare say that the twinkle in her eye has something to do with the thoughts that run through her head every time she looks my way. It's good to be me.

I love you baby

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There's definetely a glow...looking gorgeous.

12:44 PM

AWWW thats sooo sweet...being PG really adds to her already beautiful self:)

1:47 AM

So sweet.

2:38 AM

Yup, it's definitely good to be you ;-)

7:28 AM

She looks beautiful. Congratulations!

10:26 AM

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