Dear Blog,

I have negelcted you. However I have a story to tell today.

Well it's yesterday's story but anyway...

I awoke at 4 am to a house full of smoke and people frantically searching for the source... crazy. It turned out that a forest about 30 kilometers south west of the city was burning up. So next morning when I walk out of the house at 7 am it was like being in downtown Mexico City at noon. Didn't really get sunlight till about 11 am. The funny thing though was to see how much the poor people of Guadalajara freaked out! They were walking around with masks and all... if they only knew what 15 million people have to put up with everyday in DF. Que triste. The real drag was that I had just washed all the cars and they now have a fresh coat of ash... Murphy' s Law or something.

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murpheys law, for sure!

4:55 AM

Turns out we were actually at 350 imecas. That was pretty bad, no wonder I got a head ache.

3:30 PM

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