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I think I am begining to show signs of aging. I discovered a hickie on myself today...

The problem is I have no idea where it came from. Maybe it's a bug bite or something.

I feel horrible since I haven't gone running in almost a month.

The highlight of the day will have to go to the time spent looking at all of my photo Cd's today, it was a wonderful experience, good times. Made me miss all of you happy people in Monterrey.

Low would have to be realizing that I lack the ability to dissasociate who I am from what I can say to be a competent blogger.... maye I jsut don't have it in me.

I get to visit terminally ill children tomorrow so I am sure I will have something a little more interesting and hopefully not as lost and lame to blog about. Seeing others in need has different effects on me ... sometimes it gives me that incentive I lack and reminds me of my purpose and calling. Other times it just makes me feel sad and lost. We'll see how it goes... if I make it into a clown outfit I will be sure to post some pics.

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Aw, don't let anything "blogger" be the low point of your day. Blogging, as in real life, is just about being yourself. Like always, there are consequences for honesty and you've got to be careful with what you say, but it'll only be interesting if you show the real you.

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