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Well apparently I'm a contributor to this happy blog, and what a happy blog it will be. I have a limited amount of brain wattage, and I try to save it for the real world.

This morning while wading through the aftermath of a birthday party, I was reminded of some things that went through a telephone speaker in the years of way-back-when, when black nail polish didn't seem infantile.

I said, “I’m in a rotten mood today”. He replied, “You can afford that luxury?”

That was all he had to say.

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What, what?! Black nailpolish is infantile?! =)
It's so good to run into u again Mig! I saw your comment on my Blog, and didn't know who you were at first. Good God, can u believe that? been to long! I'm sure David says hi. I have a link to his blog on mine, his is called "land of GaGa" or some such blather.

12:55 AM

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