5 minutes  


Time is irrelevant to me most of the time, today though... I found myself wanting to warp back and relive 5 minutes.

I can't believe how self absorbed I've allowed myeslf to be in times past, unbelievable.

The good thing is that I will never again turn down 5.

All of you anti-cuddlers, shame on you as well.

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i bet those 5 minutes you wanted to re-live involved some chick

7:03 AM

I believe it was always 2 minutes, just 2 wittle minutes. :)

9:40 AM

Yup, you just gotta nab those oppurtunities while you can. You never know when the next one will come around ;)

12:45 PM

they truely are rare for many of us!

4:27 PM

You want to go back so you can get 5 min of cuddling?? Was it during work hours? Oh boy...

1:19 AM

2 minutes?

What more can I say.

8:48 AM

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