I've been helping some folks move into new place this last week.... only thing is after living somewhere for 10 years it's incredible how much junk accumulates! UN-B-LEAVE-UBHL... just wait till Kenji writes up about out stealthy trash runs... I lack the energy at the moment. I have however taken pics this last week which I will post soon! Horray for boo... well pictures... heh.

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Bless your heart for helping out--I'm sure they appreciate it so much.

Plus it's good prep for your life to come, at least that's what it seemed like when I was down there! :)

8:23 AM

So glad I got out of there...just in time. This is your pay back for leaving us. Hehe.

Some of the stuff they own doesn't deserve to exist...it's shame it's all being moved into their new home. So much for improving.


12:55 PM

i am so glad i am not there. haha! hey migs, have you checked out my blog? yeah, u made a comment once, i have buncha new pix and such, check it out - madi


3:52 AM

Thanks for posting your link, Poet. I had forgotten what it was. Now I know!

11:10 AM

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