Good times  


Had lunch a few weeks ago with these wonderful people. Barbacoa, tequila and lot's of Corona.

I am of the opinion that motherhood only enhances a woman's beauty, look at Joy.

Thanks guys! Will be seeing more of you.

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Joy is such a goddess

2:25 PM

wow, thats jono and joy? will you please tell them that i said hi, i really wanna go visit everyone down there. gotta see ya all! miss ya!

6:26 AM

How did you get all those cool people together? I miss them!

12:06 PM

Hey, I took that picture. I'm surprised it turned out as on center as it did after all that beans!


9:58 AM

Thats Reeeaal nice and all Migs, but don't you think, that it's time for a new post? We miss your words, oh wise one!
Talk about your genes! Thats always an interesting one.

11:01 PM

I will soon...

I like to keep busy.. but I will be back, have no fear.. with pictures!

I love pictures.

10:00 AM

Hey, there's Jono and Joy! looking good as always, that Joy! Tell her Aich sends a kiss...Mwah!

10:16 PM

Yes!! Motherhood enhances beauty!! (It's too compensate for the newfound stress and lack of sleep.)

5:30 AM

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