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Hi everyone,
I'd like to ask for your support in prayer for Kika my 4 year-old
sister. She's been sick with high fevers and headaches the past few
weeks. We've been doing tests and taking her to get checked and now
finally we know what the problem is. She has an infection in her brain
fluid (which runs through her shunt). So she will be hospitalized
while they perform a three week operation. Please pray for her healing
and quick recovery, that everything will go as planned and she'll be
home soon and in time for Christmas.
Thank you so much, I love you. Cheri

So the second operation(taking out the blood clot) went well.
Although there is still a chance of it clotting again. This morning
she has a fever. Please continue praying for her health and strength.
I love you all. bye

This little girl is an Angel. The first time I met her I happened to be wearing my rasta beany. She loved it. Next time I visited I asked her if she remembered me.

-Kika it's me, Mig!-

to which she replied,

-No you're not. Where's your hat?-

I think of her every time I wear that hat.

I just want her family to know that she has been on my mind from the moment I heard and I will continue to uphold her in my prayers. As King David of old said; -God forbid that I should since against thee by ceasing to pray for thee-.

I see prayer as one of the greatest manifestations of love there is, to stop and take a moment to acknowledge the needs of others and intercede on their behalf---

Love you Kika--- hang in there.

Litlle Kika in the hospital

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Thanks so much for posting this, Mig! We love you, too! The "blood clot" was actually hemorrahging which was putting pressure on her brain. Kristy and I a taking turns staying with her at the hospital. I am posting pics and updates on her site. Latest news is on the home page and past notes appear on her blog (

Anyways, found your link via my web stats. Thanks! Kika is talking and eating solids and doing much better. The doctor said we need to have 3 tests that show negative on the infection before proceeding with the operation to install her new shunt. So please keep praying! Kika "feels" each one :-)

11:57 PM

we are praying for her, thanks for the updates.

5:47 AM

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