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Although the origins of the Piñata are debatable with some believing it to have derived from either ancient African, Chinese or Aztec culture, the piñata as we currently know it in Mexico is a tradition largely influenced by the Spanish and hereby Catholic culture. You see the seven spikes represent the 7 cardinal sins and the blindfolded individual the poor lost man blinded by sin or faith (which must be blind) and the bounty within it (fruit, candy) the mercy of God or his gifts. It plays an important role in the typical Mexican festivity *posada* where its breaking represents the moment that God manifested his love and mercy to mankindthrough salvation in the birth of his son Jesus.

It also makes for a lot of fun. Heh…

So I got one last week and I have begun to put my personal goodies I there I plan to break it on New Year, there are already an assortment of goodies in there such as tamarindo candy, chocolates, Trojans, peanuts some coins and other odd items … something tells me the guys are gonna enjoy this piñata. I am thinking of having anyone who wants to take a swing at it toss 10 pesos (about a dollar) in first, the guy who busts it takes all the coins...

In any case, it hangs from the rustic beam on my cabin/ bedroom roof and brightens the room nicely. Think Festive.

Feliz Navidad!

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I love Mexico for it's superstitions and traditions. So much of it.

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