one more time around  

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Have you ever found yourself thinking... Why?

Not who or when or how ... just why.

Why do we need people back?

Is there an answer to why?

Do you wonder why you wait?

Why you hope you dream of it?

Why it will not go away?

Why it hides deep down?

No matter what the cause for waiting, the imagination that formed and brought the dreams you have will also cause them to disappear ... or will it? This also is driving me up the wall.

I don't know why ... but I believe in feeling and what it means to believe.

So, one more time around ...

Are you waiting?


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Cuando dejas de preguntarte "¿por qué?" puedes averiguar "¿para qué?"

Time erases. It heals, but it also forgets the things you wanted to remember.

... what are we even talking about?

8:08 AM

Hope and dreams are powerful things...I don't think giving them up ever did anyone any good
Then again...I'm also not quite sure what we're talking about

12:33 PM

Mig, you are a true Pisces!

12:40 PM

I know, Mig. She was among the best.


1:25 PM

Don't ask questions like that, you make my heart ache.

2:09 PM

Correction: She still is among the best.
(Assuming I know who we're talking about.)

3:56 AM

I feel exactly the same it a waist of time to wait though? Will it do us any good to wish so much for something, that maybe will never occur? Or like some ppl. say...sometimes we wish for something so badly & want it so badly that instead of making it happen we make it more impossible for it to happen...dunno, these things truly are complicated, or maybe we make them so...quien sabe.

7:28 AM

To love is to believe... what more can I say.

12:27 PM

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