Leon, Guanajuato  

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It had been quite some time (several years) since I had done the singing thing.

Here you can see our in house divas (whose contracts specified the need for the following yet was not limited to: a constant supply of bottled Evian water for in between sets, cappuchinos delieverd to their bed every morning, diet cokes with every meal and a case of Corona's between gigs) in all their radiance- heh.

Kidding, they were real troopers and single handedly managed to make the trip very enjoyable. Coudn't have done it without you girls --- yup, ur the best. :)

It was a lot of fun.

Thinking of Morelia next. Camineros, here we come.

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My most favorit city in the whole wide world!!

4:25 PM

Aww thats so nice! And everyone looks so great!!

4:13 AM

You remember that place Charlock?


Ambie, I know the girls look great, however us gyw... we are like an extreme version of the three stooges. (I think that makes me curly) =)

10:32 AM

heh heh... I agree with u there, mig.

11:02 AM

yea, guanajuato is soooooooo PRETTY!! I think that place is like, the prettiest city in mexico.

Leon..ahh, perfect whether! God I miss it.

You performed at Goucho? Neeeeat.

aww...I miss Leon. :D

2:38 PM

Of course I remember Guanajuato!! It truely is my most fav. city!

12:24 PM

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