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I realized I never posted pics of my ice-skaitng episode... nothign too exciting, but I didn't fall once! Which is more than I can say for my partner. :)

Just have the rollerblades and bareback riding to conquer now... wish me luck.

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Fun fun fun! I'd like to have skating lessons one day, perfect muh skillz a bit :) there's always plenty to learn. Where you at in these? Looks like the rink in Juarez a bit.... ooooh plalettaaaas!! De mango y fresa... yummmm!! I just remember having those all the time as a reward after slaving away in the sun whenever we were there.:)

Yehaw! I'll take some bareback riding, nonono not brokeback, just bareback :D (I dare you)

6:12 AM

That is so not fair! I miss ice-skating.

Look miggy, I'm posting a comment on your blog. What's up?? (hee hee)

10:24 AM

LOL! Why you move so far girl?? As fate would have it, I am going to Leon this very weekend. I will take some super pics of the cool ppl there and post them just for you k?


1:39 PM you didn't spend your entire time on yoru ass...big deal ;)

4:55 PM


yup, that just about sums it up.

12:10 AM

Be careful, Paula - he's got a DC band video!!
... And he's not afraid to use it. ;)

PS NICE DANCING!!! I love you!

2:26 PM


6:13 PM


11:12 AM

any corney steps migs did so you guys have nothing on me...

3:47 PM


noted. The uber cool Austin Power moves... all Paula.

It would be fun to post some clips though, will work on it.

4:21 AM

Fun fun hehe.

12:00 PM

Oh yes PLEASE do! Migs, will I never see you again?

12:42 PM

I'm back! About that dancing... heh.

the more I think about it, the more I enjoy the thought.

Hey, why not?

9:25 AM

Yeah, baby!

Will post video clips soon ... ;) Check out the guy in the oober cool overalls and snazzy purple shirt.

I was the bomb!

12:32 PM

the guy with his mouth continuely open...god that used to drive me nuts.

4:55 PM

Oh, you know you loved it! :P


6:14 AM

how did you manage to suddenly have such a popular blog? I guess I should find another underdog to support... you seem fully taken care of now. :)

4:06 PM

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