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Happy Birthday!

Through difficulties and hardships, through highs and lows, through breakings and re-makings - 25 years has only made you a better person. You have changed many lives, made more of a difference then you know, and touched hearts in places few every could.

I wish you the best for this next year - love, happiness, contentment, satisfaction, peace and all that you desire. You have given so much to Him - I know you deserve way more.

Happy Birthday and may you have a long life, full of wine, merriment and women! :)

(25 is ooooold!) :P

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happy happy happy birthday!! hope you have the best day yet this year and the youwill have the chance to really celebrate! Oooh btw I have something for you!

6:58 PM

Aha! So that is what you were up to you little stinker late night hacker! It was a pleasant surprise to say the least; made me laugh... that is a pretty scary pic! As for women, theyare definitely on my to do list for this new year! ;) Love you!

Emma, thank you for the best wishes! Wish you were her to clebrate but all in due time, you have something for me?? YEAY! I love surprises!

3:44 AM


I just saw!

Nevermind the other scary pic, I am very touched; and as unworhty as I feel of those words they have made me feel very loved.

No man is an island and you also have touched my life in many ways, for the better, none of this mujer mala sutff!


4:05 AM

Happy Birthday!

4:22 AM
Stephy Paone  

Happy Birthday Miguel. Love and miss you.

8:29 AM

Miss you too Stephy! and know that Dan and Luci are there I will ahve to fight to make my way out there some time soon!

Thanks Loxy!

9:44 AM

Happy Birthday Mig
Lots of love...have a wonderful new year
25 isn't that bad....we're all getting old together. Heh

11:28 AM

Think about it: take your age, multiply by four. One hundred. Oh so old.

Happy birthday.


2:47 PM

Hello Estephani Paone!!!!

Happy birthday again, Mig. COME LETS HAVE ASADO AND BEER!
... or just beer?

That kissy photo is hilarious. Can you post the superhero drawing I did of you? :D

3:00 PM

Happy Birthday Miggy! Ahaha, I love the photo's. The first pic, you look so small and innocent. Much love and prayers, Joan

8:34 AM

LY Migs!

1:32 PM


3:12 AM

Happy birthday Mig!

11:57 PM

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